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ebike of the month

"I'd like to thank you on behalf of my brother and myself for the outstanding customer service which we received. The option of borrowing the two types of ebikes for extended riding was very worthwhile as it proved the maxim that one should try  more than one version as they have differences which may be relatively subtle but are likely to be preferred subjectively. We were able to swap bikes at the half way point and so were able to make independent decisions on preference. As you know, we decided on the same model and look forward to riding out on our Raleigh Stradas."

Many thanks,

Dr. Alan Palmer

"Several options were made available to try, we even got the chance to ride for an hour to get a feel for the bikes. We ended up buying 2!, great service and advice, highly recommend Warwickshire EBikes"

Judy Parsons.

"My wife appreciated the chance to get the right electric bike for her, rather than what the staff wanted to sell her, ultimately that time to choose made us feel comfortable enough to pick the folding Ebike for our new motorhome, will be referring friends to Warwickshire Ebikes"

Steve and Janice Short